My name is Chris and I live in Buckinghamshire in the UK. 

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by wildlife and nature. I loved watching nature documentaries and was a proud owner of almost all of David Attenborough’s shows on boxsets, watching them multiple times. I loved the behaviour and spectacle of it all and learning new and interesting things.


This love and passion was fueled by my father, who shared his love for birds and other wildlife with me. My dad also introduced me to wildlife photography, a hobby we now share.


As a young teen I had what I liked to call ‘a chunky camera’ - a bridge camera to anyone else. Some of my favourite places to visit were Gatwick Zoo and The British Wildlife Centre. One of my favourite photos of a captive animal when I was young was a sleeping fox at the BWC when I was 14 years old, taken with a Finepix S7000. I enjoyed visiting these places, learning more about the animals and trying to get a pic or two to add to my collection.


Unfortunately, as I grew older the camera stayed in the cupboard more, only coming out for an odd visit to a zoo or an animal park, if I remembered. My passion was reignited when my wife and I decided to book a 5 day safari in Kenya for our honeymoon. I knew this would be a once in a life time trip and I couldn’t not make the most of it. I bought my first DSLR camera and borrowed a lens from my Dad. After all I was paying for a wedding and honeymoon - I couldn’t spend too much!


The trip was absolutely amazing and it really made me miss the joy of being out in nature and trying to capture these beautiful creatures. I had a new found passion for my photography. I wanted to learn more about the technology and techniques that would enable me to improve and start to capture images I was proud to share with the world. I have been focused on capturing wild animals in their nature environment and trying to learn more about their behaviour and habits. After some research I stocked up on some new equipment, to get me started again.

My goal is to continue to improve my photography and showcase the amazing wildlife on my local patch and trips around the UK. Visit my portfolio to see images I have taken around where I live and wildlife trips and read the stories behind the images. 

If you want to chat or ask me anything, please feel free to drop me a message and follow me on my social media’s below.

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